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A worldwide leader in biomedical research, CHORI provides an unparalleled opportunity to conduct world-class research in a premier research institution. With its emphasis on translational research as the research branch of Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland (CHRCO), CHORI has opportunities for either basic and/or clinical pursuits.

In addition, CHORI is a freestanding, non-profit research institute, and as a result, offers unique advantages to postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists interested in pursuing a career in biomedical science:

  • CHORI policy allows individuals to pursue and fund research interests separate from the research interests of their advisor - unlike many universities that don't allow postdoctoral and staff level scientists to write independent grants proposals.
  • Unlike universities, CHORI generally does not restrict junior scientists from pursuing grant support from agencies that do not provide “full overhead.”
  • CHORI participates in the NIH supported postdoctoral training program which allows support for a limited number of postdoctoral fellows to actively develop an independent science career. (See Postdoctoral Training for more information.)
  • With CHORI’s growing interest in Technology Transfer, CHORI also allows postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists to apply for independent research funds to pursue ideas and concepts that have potential commercial value.
Career development is also an integral part of the CHORI experience. Unlike university researchers, principal investigators at CHORI have few administrative burdens, allowing them to spend more time on training and development. CHORI scientists also have access to CHORI’s Seminar Program and journal club, through which staff scientists and postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to learn how to present their own work effectively in the scientific community.

Postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists at CHORI also have access to substantial administrative support, and a full benefits package – unlike most universities, which tend to designate postdoctoral fellows and staff scientists as trainees and deny them benefits.

While CHORI doesn’t have the limitations often associated with research universities, it has affiliations with multiple universities in the Bay Area, providing access to many of the same technologies and services with relative ease. Centrally located in the Bay Area, CHORI can be easily accessed from anywhere in the bay.
Experience for yourself how good the CHORI advantage can be: Click here for more information on how to apply.

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