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Vietnam is a developing country where rural regions are still plagued by many tropical diseases and malnutrition.There has been limited infrastructure development, and there is a great need for improved clinical care and translational research not only to provide adequate maternal, infant and children's health care, but to create an environment in which prioritizing the health of children and their communities can be sustained and advanced.

Capacity Building

Improving the clinical lab at Phu tho allows common infectious and other diseases to be diagnosed and patients to be treated appropriately. Once the lab is fully functional, we will be able to conduct a survey of suspected infectious diseases based on the clinical acumen of CGHI clinicians and residents in training from Children's Hospital & Research Center Oakland and our Vietnamese colleagues. This will lead to epidemiologic and research studies to improve health care among the district hospital in Phu tho. In addition, our programs aims to provide appropriate technology transfer and train the necessary individuals in clinical laboratory techniques so that they can sustain the lab into the future.

Clinical Services

By providing an opportunity for our residents and clinicians to collaborate with Vietnamese doctors in the District Hospital, different areas of clinical service are identified for hands-on and didactic training and education to enhance the capabilities of the hospital to provide outstanding health care in the district. This can lead to the identification of epidemiologic and translational research projects to further advance health care.


Phu tho province is a rural region of northern Vietnam with high rates of malnutrition and infectious diseases. The Thrasher and Nestle Foundations have funded a project that will evaluate micronutrient supplementation (in the form of a food patty made from locally available and sustainable food sources) on birth outcome i) before pregnancy, ii) during pregnancy and iii) compared to standard prenatal care. This study will also evaluate the incidence of infection among these three groups. If the micronutrients, supplied as a food patty, are found to result in fewer low birth weight infants that are healthier with fewer maternal infections, the government will institute a nationwide program for this type of supplementation for all women who intend on becoming pregnant. This is just one example of the many ways in which translational research projects can have the potential to have real impact on the children of Vietnam and their communities. A very important component to Research is providing the education for our Vietnamese counterparts to develop and carry on research into the future. In this way, we hope to engender a sustainable Research and Education component to the overall program.



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